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Reset object list in of_getobjects


The function of_getObjects in datawindow and datastore services has an option to append founded objects.
There should be a rest of the array if ab_append is FALSE to avoid problems with different calls.

lds_test.inv_base.of_getObject (ls_list[], "column", "*", FALSE, FALSE)
lds_test.inv_base.of_getObject (ls_list[], "compute", "*", FALSE, FALSE)

Assume the datawindow contains 10 columns and 2 computed field. So the first call should return 10 items and second should return 2 items in ls_list[].
But the second call will also return 10 items because there was no reset of the array.

Proposal to resolve:
string ls_empty[]
if ab_append = true then
    li_count = UpperBound( as_objlist )
    as_objlist = ls_empty
end if