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pfc_print doesn't work correct

Topics: General
May 14, 2016 at 2:03 PM
PFC 12.5 and PFC 12.6 (may be also earlier versions).

There seems to be a bug in the pfc_print, since pfc_preprint and pfc_postprint are implemented into pfc_print.
  1. The script in the pfc_print event triggers pfc_preopen and pfc_postopen, not pfc_preprint and pfc_postopen. This is wrong.
  2. pfc_print is associated to a window and to other printabled objects on that window
Since pfc_preprint and pfc_postprint are implemented, the pfc_messagerouter always receives a 1 in the section looking for script in the window after If This.TriggerEvent (as_message) = 1. The code never passes to the other objects.

Deleting the code in the pfc_print event solves the problem.