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n_cst_dwsrv_grid - Grid Layout service


This service let the user change the layout of the registered Grid Datawindow as he wants.
A dedicated dialog can be displayed using the contextual m_dw menu using the option "Grid Layout..."
The Grid Dialog Service let the user manage the layout by:
  • Showing/Hiding columns
  • Modifying the order of appearance of the columns

The user can then :
  • Apply the actual changes to check the result without closing the dialog (APPLY)
  • Apply changes and close the dialog directly (OK)
  • Cancel not applied yet changes and close the dialog (CANCEL)
  • Restore original layout

The modified layout is automatically saved & restored when needed and the Layout Information Data is managed transparently by the Application Preference Service.

How to use it

1. Enable Application Service & Set the file to be used

gnv_app.inv_apppref.of_SetAppXXXfile( .... )

You can use either .INI, .REG or .XML files to store Grid Layout. Please check PFC Application Preference documentation for more informations.

2. Enable service for each u_dw control that need it

Simply type the following code at adequate object/event level :


and that's all folks !

Optionally, you can set the Grid Service Dialog a specific title by using the following code :

dw_x.inv_grid.of_SetDialogTitle("My Own Grid Service Dialog Title")

Screen Shots


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