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n_cst_apppreference::of_restore - Syntaxe 5

Method of_Save - Syntaxe 5
Access Protected
ai_filetype, Function behavior. - use the registry, an .ini or .xml file.
Possible values are :
as_keyoriniorxml,The KeyName for use with the Registry , the Ini or XML file name for use with an .Ini or .Xml File.
as_inisectionxmlroot, The name of the .Ini section. or Xml Root.
as_subkeyelement, The key/element value to be used on either the Registry , .Ini or .Xml file.
as_value (by Ref), The value to be restored from either the Registry, .Ini or .Xml file
Returns Integer - 1, OK
-1, An Error Occurs
Description Save Préférences information into the adequate file according to specified ai_filetype
Usage This method is called internally when Saving Application or User preferences.

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