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Method : of_get_value


lnv_json.of_get_value( as_object, as_pair_name, as_value )


Name Type Description
lnv_json n_cst_json an instance of n_cst_json class
as_object string The name of the JSON object that contain the pair's value to get
as_pair_name string The name of the Pair value to get its value
as_value string The string variable that will holds the pair's valuet (by ref)


Type Value Description
long 1 Ok
-1 An error occurs


Get the value of a specified unique JSON Object's pair
n_cst_json lnv_json
string ls_version
integer li_rc
li_rc = lnv_json.of_get_value( "PowerBuilder", "Y",  )
if li_rc = -1 then return -1

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