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STRUCTURE - s_json_attrib

Generic Informations

Information Value
Library pfcapp.srv


Name Data Type Short Description
is_object string JSON Object's name
is_pair_name string JSON entry object's Pair name
ia_pair_value any JSON entry object's Pair value
ii_kind integer JSON entry object's Pair kind. Possible values are
1 - OBJECT (n_cst_tagattrib.cst_obj_kind )
2 - VALUE (n_cst_tagattrib.cst_val_kind )
3 - ARRAY (n_cst_tagattrib.cst_array_kind )


Use this structure to store JSON entries content for further user in your program.
In case of a JSON entry with ARRAY Kind ( property ii_kind = 3 ), the content of the array is stored in the property ia_pair_value in the form of a comma separated list of values.

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